About us

The Animal Side is a place where wildlfe organizations can submit their projects and volunteer programs for free. We hope to give them more opportunities to make themselves known, to connect with volunteers, to get the support they deserve.

Humans are not the only species on the planet. The endless expansion of the world's population is putting pressure on world resources. The more people take, the less is left for wildlife, for their habitat. The organized crime of illegal trafficking is difficult to reduce. The need to protect our planet's flora and fauna from is becoming a growing priority. It is now internationally recognised as one of the UN's sustainable development goals. The threats on wildlife does not stop at emblematic animals such as elephants, tigers or rhinos. Nearly 7,000 different species are being trafficked and end up as fashion items, furniture, decorative objects, food or will be kept as pets.

Fortunately, measures are being taken to prevent, protect and rescue. Wild animals deserve special attention. These range from actions in the field to get to know how to protect them better, to those that offer them a second chance, a better life, a new home. Under certain conditions, it is possible to rehabilitate them so that they can return to a free life in the wild. Far from being a simple task, conservation, rescue and rehabilitation projects are doing their best to support this global problem. However, it is often not possible to get sufficient funding support to work as well as they wish. It is not only about the money itself, but also about having enough staff to make it work. The help of volunteers is often a necessity.

Many people are willing to help with wildlife protection projects. They are willing to do everything possible to provide support. But in the deep ocean of the Internet, only the largest commercial institutions emerge. Caution however, not all commercial institutions are money-driven and some really offer valuable ressources and support to the centers. So yes, they can also help wildlife projects to connect with volunteers. Unfortunately, this is often done by taking a large part of the money that volunteers are willing to give to the real actor, not to an intermediary. Many projects simply cannot afford this and remain hidden far away in the results of web searches. At The Animal Side, we believe they deserve greater visibility. We believe that volunteers who want to help should be easily able to do so.

We found ourselves facing this situation.

In 2016, Florian Woisel, the founder of this website, was looking to help and realised how difficult it could be. "I was looking to find independent projects, in a part of the world of my choice, working with the animals I most wanted to help. Also, I wanted to make sure that all my time, human and financial support would be entirely dedicated to this project". It took hours of searching on the web to find the first points of contact. Not surprisingly, it is much easier to identify the first results that appear. And yet, those are intermediation and commercial website, which action is only rarely valuable;  and always much more expensive. In the end, up to 50% of the money donated will be kept as a fee and will never make its way to  the animals. You may get other adds-on, but is it worth it? We think this system is unfair, both to conservation and protection projects and to volunteers. That's why we created The Animal Side