Limbe Wildlife Centre

Limbe Wildlife Centre

What is: Limbe Wildlife Centre

The Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) is a conservation education centre in Limbe, Cameroon. Above all, we provide a solution to law enforcement agencies for where to place wildlife seized from the illegal wildlife trade, while protecting endangered species and their habitats. In brief, our in-situ and ex-situ activities include rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction, conservation education and advocacy, law reinforcement, creating alternative livelihoods to hunting, and research. Through a holistic approach, the LWC aims to ensure the survival of Cameroon’s unique flora and fauna. The mission of the LWC aims to conserve Cameroonian wildlife by rehabilitating victims of poaching, inspiring people to connect with nature and improve local communities’ wellbeing.




💵 From 250 USD/week

Staying time

⏳ From 2 weeks to N/A

Language spoken

🇫🇷 French, 🇬🇧 English

Accommodation provided

🏡 Yes

Food provided

🥗 Yes


🇨🇲 Cameroon


🌍 Africa

Type of habitat

🌿 Rainforest


Typical day at the center

Every morning at 8, a small meeting is called and you will be put in your specific section. This could be with Chimpanzees, gorillas, quarantine, parrots etc. Then you will be cleaning their cages and start enrichment. Then from 12h00 to 13h00, you will have your lunch break, where a vegeterian meal will be provided. Then together with our keepers, you will give the animals their enrichment after which you either join construction or make enrichment for the next day or work on any other of our projects. Then at 16h00, you join back with the keepers to feed the animals and you’re done for the day! However, every day is different, working with a different species and a different project, depending on what is needed.


Generally as a volunteer, you work hands-on with our staff. This means helping to care for rescued primates including gorillas, chimpanzees, drills, mandrills and baboons. Short-term vet volunteers generally work with the vet team after doing the daily cleaning. In short, volunteers assist our experienced caregivers with their daily activities including: animal observation and monitoring, food preparation and feeding of animals, cleaning of cages, preparing and providing enrichment. Furthermore, during the school year volunteers have the opportunity to work alongside the education team and travel to local schools to educate children about wildlife conservation.

The volunteers in this animal rescue center generally get 1-2 day(s) off a week. In regards to working hours, the volunteers work per day 5-6 days a week, from 8am - 5pm with one hour lunch break hours/working day.

Food and accommodation

Every working day, our volunteers are provided with a vegetarian lunch at the centre.


The animals they take care of in this center are:

Birds, Gorillas, Monkeys, Other small mammals


Qualification required

Our volunteering program is open to anyone who has an interest in wildlife conservation. Short term volunteers need to have no specific qualifications. However, long-term volunteers usually stay for 6+ months and are normally given a specific role or responsibility at the LWC, which would require some knowledge of the field they chose to work in. We also run a volunteer veterinarian program. We are looking for qualified veterinary surgeons, preferably with a post-graduate qualification or experience working with wildlife. Normally this is a rotating position for 6 months

How to apply?

For any question, queries or bookings, kindly email or send us an inquiry via

Practical information

Internet access

WiFi is available to volunteers who are open to contributing to the purchase of data.

Cost details

Our volunteering program is open to anyone who has an interest in wildlife conservation. Typically volunteers work 5-6 days per week for a period of 1-3 months. Volunteers are provided with housing a short 10-minute walk from the project. The cost of the program is €250 per week. These fees go towards the running costs of the project and living expenses. This includes basic accommodation and lunch on work days.

How to get there?

Our volunteers arrive at the Douala airport. Here, one of our resident drivers will await you, pick you up and drive you to the centre in Limbe.

Is there a minimum age?

To volunteer in this center you will have to be at least 18 years old

When can volunteers join?

This location didn't provide us with any information for this point


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