Paseo de los Monos

Paseo de los Monos

What is: Paseo de los Monos

We are always looking for motivated volunteers who would love to help animals at the center. It would be a pleasure to welcome you. The project is located in Puyo, on 2 hectares of the forest and we welcome injured & orphaned animals, mostly monkeys. We have around 150 animals with seven species of monkeys, coatis, parrots, turtles, ocelots, wild rodents and pigs and the first serpentarium of the province for the rescue of snakes. The shelter “El Paseo de los Monos” works as a center of adoption: orphans are placed into familiar groups according to the specie. The objective is to offer to those animals a life as close as possible to the one in the wild and for some of them to be liberated.




💵 From 130 USD/week

Staying time

Not specified

Language spoken

🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇫🇷 French, 🇬🇧 English

Accommodation provided

🏡  Yes

Food provided

🥗 Yes


🇪🇨 Ecuador


🌎 South America

Type of habitat

🌿 Rainforest


Typical day at the center

First Days At the moment you arrive, we will give a welcoming and introduction of the animals, the parks (most of the animals are not kept in cages but in big parks of native forest) and show you the functioning of the house. We will provide you with all the working tools needed for the different tasks and you will be able to train with the working staff in order to accomplish your tasks. Further, we will introduce you to our rules and regulations towards animal interactions. Security for the volunteers, working staff and animals is the most important to us as we are working with wild animals. No volunteer will be allowed to enter alone into a park that contains a group of animals and in case it is needed, volunteers will always be accompanied by one of the coordinators. Regular Days Once your are settled in you will be working for six days a week, from 8 am -12 pm and from 2 pm - 5 pm. Please be aware that all volunteers must be always on time, because the animals are waiting for their food. Each volunteer has one day off per week, which are arrange at the beginning of the week to ensure that every day enough volunteers are working. If there are not enough people to cover all the tasks, the person has the obligation to change the date. Because we want all volunteers to experience every task at the project, you will be rotating between cooking, washing plates and cleaning the facilities Working with the animals: The day begins at 8 am by cleaning the animal’s plates, preparing and disinfecting the food, feeding of the animals, cure them if necessary (with experienced personnel), observe the animals and checking if the enclosures are well closed or need fixing. It is important that the animals are fed and provided fresh water before 9 am. For the well-being of the animals, any strange behavior must be written down and reported to the people in charge. That is why one of the most important things is to observe each one of the animals inside the refuge carefuly. The food stocking house, animal´s plates, cages and also the volunteer’s house (kitchen, bath-room, etc.) must always be disinfected and cleaned for the safety of the people working in the program and the animals. There can be inspections of the Ministries of environment, health or tourism at any time. The second meal for the animals starts at 2 pm. The day ends when all of the animals have been fed and taken care of and their facilities are clean from any food leftovers. All volunteers have to help to carry and arrange the vegetables in the food-store at any hour from the day or the night (depending on the arrival time of the truck). Working with the tourists: Visitors arrive between 9:00 am and 5 pm. The volunteers in charge of the tourists have to guide and watch the visitors so they don’t touch or feed the animals. It is not possible for them to enter with food, since the animals might steal it. The volunteers in charge of the entry have to charge the visitors and give basic instructions before they enter the park Cleaning the park’s floor, since there may have been unconscious tourists that left their garbage which would endanger the animals and rain forest.


Feeding and observing animals Cleaning the cages Building enrichments and cages

The volunteers in this animal rescue center generally get 1 day(s) off a week. In regards to working hours, the volunteers work per day 8 hours/working day.

Food and accommodation

Fridge open 24/24h 2 meals served per day. It is not always very luxurious but we have the chance to have incredibles cooks in the Paseo de los Monos :)


The animals they take care of in this center are:

Birds, Monkeys, Other small mammals, Turtles


Qualification required

We are open to all the skills

How to apply?

Practical information

Internet access

WIFI included

Cost details

18$/day Most of the money is meant to cover the costs of the volunteer (food, electricity) An other part goes for the monkey food and cages.

How to get there?

From Quito’s airport / Tababela : Take a bus from the airport at buses terminal “Quitumbe” From Quito’s Terminal Terrestre “Quitumbe” : Take a bus that goes to Puyo (5 hours / 6 USD) From Guayaquil’s airport / Terminal Terrestre : Take a bus thar goes to Puyo (8 hours / 10 USD) From Puyo – Terminal Terrestre: Take a Taxi to the follow address : Km. 2 Vía 10 de Agosto ( 3 USD )

Is there a minimum age?

To volunteer in this center you will have to be at least 18 years old

When can volunteers join?

This location didn't provide us with any information for this point


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